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Chip Seal

Chip seal driveways are for that rural look.

Different colors of rock chips can be selected to accent the surrounding environment.

It appears to be a gravel or crushed stone pavement, but there’s a hard layer of asphalt paving under it and unseen.  It’s about a half-inch in thickness of which the top one-quarter inch is loose rock.  This makes chip seal more functional than a 4″ thick gravel driveway.  Maintenance is still required, but a chip seal behaves much better than gravel when wet.

It’s not for skateboarding or basketball, but for appearance only.  Chip seals work best on surfaces that are less than 5% slope.  (The maximum slope for chip seals is 10%.)

They say that chip seal paving originated from French country estates.  It is used quite extensively in the Montecito area near Santa Barbara, CA.

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