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New asphalt driveway La Crescenta CA

New asphalt driveway La Crescenta CA


Asphalt driveways are very common.  They get the job done at the best price.  The rule-of-thumb lifespan for a new asphalt driveway is 25 years.  In many cases, asphalt pavement can  be resurfaced with another 1.5″ of asphalt (tapering where needed) to increase the service life  approximately 12 years.  It is recommended to maintain asphalt driveways by “patching & sealing” every 3 to 5 years.


Concrete driveways require no maintenance and last approximately 50 years.  They can crack at any time, but  should be reinforced with steel bars to hold it together.  A 2″ concrete base should also be placed below the concrete to help control cracking.  Not all contractors install the base.  Many things can be done to concrete to make it decorative.  These include adding brick borders and interior ribbons, adding color, and finishing with different textures.

Interlocking Paving Stones

The huge advantage of paving stone driveways over asphalt & concrete is that they don’t crack.  They look like a piece of art when completed as well.  There is also a lifetime guarantee on the material.  First, a 3″ to 4″ layer of crushed base is installed over the native soil.  Next, a 1″ layer of bedding sand is placed.  The paving stones are then set on the sand.  They are about 2.5″ thick and made from concrete.  They come in various colors and shapes.  A paving stone driveway costs a little more than concrete.  If there was ever a perfect driveway, this is it.

Chip Seal

This type of driveway is mainly for appearance.  It looks like a gravel driveway, but it is usually placed over an asphalt pavement.  This makes it more stable than a gravel driveway.  The rock chips come in many colors.  It needs to be maintained by raking & leveling over short periods of time.  A chip seal driveway works best when the maximum slope of the driveway is less than 5%.