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Paving Stones

An interlocking paving stone driveway is a piece of art.

There are a variety of stone shapes to choose from, and they come in many colors.  Plus, a pattern needs to be selected for the pavers to be placed.

Paving stones offer many advantages.  They do not crack.  This is a huge advantage over  other materials.  They are also basically maintenance-free.

If a sprinkler pipe or other utility line needs to be placed under the driveway, the pavers can be removed and reset.  Root damage can be repaired in the same manner.  The driveway will not appear “patchy ” after the repair work is done, since the original paving stones were re-installed.  Try doing that with concrete or asphalt.

Heavy grease areas that can’t be lived with can also be removed and replaced with spare pavers that are always left with the homeowner at the end of a job.


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